SPACE casting iron teapot

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Elevate your day with the charming rounded kyusu (egg) teapot to take your daily teatime to the next level.

Crafted by Hisao Iwashimizu based in Mizusawa-ku, Ozu City, Iwate Prefecture. Iwashimizu San is not only a skilled ironware craftsman, with a keen design aesthetic. Working in the traditional Japanese craft of Nambu Tetsu, his creations are minimalist in form, with rich textures and exquisite curves.

The cast iron teapot is finished with an enamel interior and includes a stainless mesh inner tea leaf filter. The pot is designed only for brewing tea (not for use as a kettle over direct heat). The inner mesh strainer makes this teapot perfect for brewing multiple infusions with the same leaves.

*         Volume: 250ml (1 cup or 2 tea bowls)
*         Material: Iron
*         Made in Iwate Japan

Please note there may be very slight variations due to the hand made nature of this vessel.