Dark Rose

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A slightly tart botanical blend of hibiscus with rosehip, velvety rose petals and mellow cascara that’s energising and refreshing. Created to celebrate the women farmers of the Neknasi Cooperative in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Looks – vibrant rosy red

Smells – rose petals & red berries

Tastes – fruity, tart & summery

Hibiscus, rosehip, cascara, rose petals

*cascara naturally contains a small amount of caffeine

Cascara is the dried outer husk from the coffee cherry. When the whole cherry is pulped or milled to remove the bean, the pulped cherry skins are left to dry naturally in the sun. Normally regarded as waste, the cherries are often discarded. By purchasing cascara and increasing the supply, we’re not only promoting a waste-free production process, we're supporting the hard work and craft of the woman producers of Neknasi in finding additional sources of income.

This blend is produced in Collaboration with Fairtrade ANZ and with thanks to the team at Kokako for their work and passion supporting the Neknasi Cascara project.