Fine & Dandy Peppermint Leaf Tea

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Soothing and refreshing, for the perfect herbal digestif after a rich meal.

Looks – vivid, glossy green

Smells – minty fresh-picked herbs

Tastes – bright, clean & zingy


Hand blended pure Peppermint leaves. 

Choose from:

Fine & Dandy tea box - approx 20 serves I  40 grams I  loose leaf tea

Fine & Dandy tea tin - approx 20 serves I  40 grams I  loose leaf tea

Sustainably made:

Certified Fairtrade and Organic- we promise to look after the people and places that grow our tea.  

Our tea boxes are 100% recyclable card with a home compostable inner bag made from wood cellulose. Our leaf keeper tea tins are designed to be loved and used again and again. Once you are finished with them you can pop them in your recycling. Our tea boxes are perfectly sized to replenish your tea tin.

Little ritual:

To create a skin cooling face mist brew Peppermint with hot water, let it cool and strain your infusion into a glass spray bottle. Store in the fridge and spritz onto your skin to refresh and renew.

Active benefits: 

Peppermint may help improve digestion, freshen your breath and improve concentration.

Selected, hand blended and packed in New Zealand by Sarah at Fine & Dandy.