We believe in doing things right- without compromises. We source and share the highest quality tea, bringing you our collection that is pure, natural and uplifting. With our range we aim to celebrate the beauty in the everyday ritual of taking time out for a cup of tea.

Here is how we create our tea and herbal blends from scratch...

Blend creation and testing

Sarah is always dreaming up new teas based on the types of tea she likes to drink- after living in Japan and India and being captivated by the ritual and connection created by tea. We keep our range compact so you aren't overwhelmed with the choice, and we extensively taste test all our ingredients until we find just the right one. At this stage of the process we always ensure that potential ingredients are able to be sustainably sourced and aren't rare or under threat (hence we don't use vanilla and we are still searching for sustainable Rooibos producers). 

Ingredient sourcing

This is the challenging part as certified ethical organic tea makes up only 2% of global tea production. Its truly hard to find, and has taken us on adventures from Japan, to Sri Lanka and to the mountains of India.

We always make sure our producers are supported by a third party accreditation like Fairtrade (sadly the tea industry has not looked after its workers in many instances so this part is a non-negotiable). We also have a strict stance to avoid purchasing tea from any regions that don't have a good reputation for fair pay, rights and living conditions for tea workers.

When you buy our tea you support the workers directly as they receive a special payment called a "fairtrade primium". A group of women and men from the community get together and they use the money to fund projects to support their health, families, lively hood and lifestyles.

We also "pre-fund" the tea which means we pay upfront and then the tea is grown, harvested and dried etc. This means our growers have absolute certainty about their income and production, it reduces waste and ensures the tea is as fresh as can be. 

Blending and packing

This is something we really enjoy- the ingredients we get to work with are so fresh and vibrant and its a really relaxing process getting blend and pack our tea. We've discovered that the tea and herbs that we buy that are grown on a small scale and hand processed always have the most incredible flavour. So we try to emulate that artisanal scale of production right from sourcing to sending out our tea to our community of tea drinkers. 

Our approach to packaging is to always seek to minimise, re-use and recycle. Our card Fine + Dandy tea boxes are recyclable, the clear inner bag is 100% compostable at home or in a commercial facility or worm farm (its made from wood cellulose). Our tea tins are made my a 100 year old tea tin studio in Japan. They are made with love and care and designed to be used over and again. They can be recycled if you no longer need them but we encourage you to upcycle them and continue to use them as a storage container (our customers cleverly upcycle them in all sorts of creative ways).

Hope you find this helpful! We are working on this section of our website so do get in touch if you would like to hear more.